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About Western Slope Ketamine Clinic

Western Slope Ketamine Clinic offers ketamine infusion therapy (IV ketamine therapy) treatments for those throughout the Grand Junction, CO area who are suffering from treatment-resistant depression, major depressive disorder, or a number of different chronic pain conditions.

We thoroughly understand the struggle of living with chronic pain and depression including the frustration of trying everything with no success. Our goal is to reduce your symptoms of depression and help restore peace of mind, as well as a sense of well-being if you’re experiencing chronic pain or depression.

Common treatments for depression, like oral medications or outpatient therapy, do not work for everyone. If you’ve tried other options like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial stimulation (TMS) and nothing has worked for you, we may be able to help.

Other types of chronic pain such as chronic temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) pain, some headaches, and musculoskeletal pain may also benefit from ketamine therapy. You may be severely depressed and may feel like happiness is too far out of reach but don’t give up hope. Our goal here at Western Slope Ketamine Clinic is to lend you a helping hand in your darkest hour. If you suffer from severely crippling depression, contact us today.

Meet our Providers

Our providers here at Western Slope Ketamine Clinic have combined experience and expertise in treating patients with Ketamine.

William James, MD
William James, MD

Dr. James is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician. He is the founder of Deca Health, Inc. which owns and operates pain management clinics and ambulatory surgery centers across the country. Dr. James completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, and his medical degree from Wayne State University. Subsequently, he completed residency training in general surgery and anesthesiology at Wayne State University Affiliates Hospitals and Medical College of Ohio, respectively. Western Slope Ketamine Clinic is the second location that Dr. James has successfully opened, the first being Northwest Ohio Ketamine Clinic in Toledo, Ohio.

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